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Barbara will cover the following topics and answer questions during the workshop:

Getting Ready

  • Graduation Requirements/Credits
  • Schooling Options/Curriculum Choices
  • Online Classes
  • Part-time Enrollment - Public Schools
  • Vocational Training
  • Volunteering
  • Apprenticeship
  • Record-keeping
  • Social life - Transitions - Driver's License
  • Graduation Ceremonies/Celebrations
  • College Credit
  • Dual Enrollment
  • CLEP Testing
  • Advanced Placement
  • Required Tests
  • Transcripts and Portfolios
  • Finding a Match
  • Making Application/Writing an Essay
  • Scholarships/Awards/Financial Aid
  • Campus Visits
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               Register by e-mail to: -----> queen.of.everything@juno.com

About Barb Mesh:

Veteran home educator Barbara Mesh and her husband Ron, home schooled their two children through high school. Their son earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and currently works as film critic and culture reporter in Portland, Oregon for the Willamette Week. For the last several years he has received regional and national awards for his writing as a literary journalist.Their daughter was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion, finished her Masters in Linguistics in May 2011 and was accepted to the University of Texas in Austin, to pursue a Doctorate Degree program. Her goal is to become a researcher in linguistics, specializing in the syntax of signed languages.Barbara earned a Masters degree in guidance and counseling from FSU. In 1999, Barb established Learning At Home, a consultation business for homeschooling families, where she conducts homeschooling workshops, private consultations and assists families in creating transcripts. This is her 12th year facilitating home school seminars around central Florida.

Endorsement From Tina Farewell:

If you fear high school is an overwhelming task, Barbara Mesh is sure to lighten your burden! Barbara Mesh, wife, mother, and veteran home educator, has a background of teaching and guidance counseling. Her wisdom, understanding, and knowledge guides home educators and their students to prudent choices through the high school years.Mrs. Mesh encourages parents and teens to think “outside the box,” equipping them to make well-informed decisions about educational philosophy, curriculum, and lifestyle. She helps them build transcripts from their real life educational experiences, academics, talents, and interests.Whether a teen’s educational experience has been accomplished through traditional textbooks or unit studies, with dual enrollment or self-designed classes, Barb’s assistance will result in a transcript written in the universal language of the traditional box—the language “the system” understands.Help young adults embrace activities to discover and develop their particular strengths and passions instead of traveling on the assembly line of “school at home.”You and your teens will be set free in the process!

Tina Farewell Lifetime Books and Gifts,
Founder www.BobandTinaFarewell.com

Frequently Asked Questions About The Workshop:

Are the resource materials available for purchase if one can not attend the workshop?
Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, workshop materials are only available to registered attendants.

May two moms come as a couple and share the Resource Notebook?
The workshop fees have been kept very reasonably priced; therefore, two friends may not attend as a couple. In addition to the full day presentation, each family takes home a 75+ page notebook which will encourage participants to feel confident they received a valuable service and product. If not knowing Barbara is part of the hesitation to register, please visit her web site and read the feedback others have given after hearing her give seminar presentations at “district fairs”, participating in a full day workshop or experiencing a private consultation.

What should I bring on the day of the class?
Please plan to bring a large, 3-ring binder to hold the workshop materials and a sack lunch or plan to eat out at a nearby fast food establishment.

What’s the class cancellation policy?
The workshop has a requirement of 10 minimum pre paid registrations. If this number is not met by the stated deadline,the workshop will be cancelled and a full refund will be given to each participant.

May our teen sit-in on this workshop?
Absolutely! We encourage it! It helps teens to hear information about their education from a third party which affirms what they have been thinking and what their parents have been suggesting. It also helps parents to be open to what their child has been considering. It encourages the students to take more responsibility and ownership for their education by partnering with their parents and sharing in the decision making. Barb will be directly addressing the teens throughout the day as she goes through the material.

Benefits of Attending Barb's Seminar:
"To any parent who is home schooling or considering home schooling their child for High School, I think this seminar should be mandatory! Barbara covers a multitude of topics essential to navigate legal issues, curricula and accountability, transcripts and choosing colleges. I discovered I didn't know as much as I thought I did! The seminar brought into focus a path to college education from a home school back ground, as well as testing rules and requirements sought by some colleges. A wonderful, purposeful and eye opening education. It was well worth five times the price I paid! The substantial information she hands out is an enormous help and guide.  I feel more comfortable and confident after this seminar. I have an absolute clear direction aimed at colleges for my daughters career choice. In addition, I know Barbara is there for private consultations if I ever need more assistance! If you have teenagers ........you'll be so glad you attended! I am. Thank you Barbara for sharing your knowledge!!"


Mary, Tampa High School Workshop September 2010 

For more information about Learning at Home, email Barb Mesh at queen.of.everything@juno.com
2030 Capps Road • Lake Wales, FL 33853 • 863-676-7577