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Who is Barbara Mesh -- And What is Learning At Home?

Without a doubt the most rewarding decision I ever made was to educate my children at home. And though the home schooling season of my life is complete, Learning at Home is a consultation business I developed to encourage and equip others to direct the education of their children. For the last ten years I have facilitated seminars in various counties across central Florida as well as providing private, phone and e-mail consultations.

Ron and I have two children. Aaron is a graduate of Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia and is currently working as the Screen Editor for The Willamette Week, a Portland, OR weekly newspaper. He aspires to be a literary journalist.

Kate is a graduate of New College in Sarasota, Florida. She works full time while attending graduate school and will finish her Masters in English Linguistics this fall at Boston University.  We are enjoying our children as adults. 

During 15 years of home schooling, I used an eclectic approach to teaching and learning, relying mainly on unit studies, co-ops, community service and apprenticing, with very little use of formal textbooks. We were very active in the 4-H program and I enjoyed leading a small club for 15 years.

Ron and I were Co-Founders of our home schooling support group, Homeschoolers on the Ridge. I’ve had the privilege of learning from, leading and advising its members since 1989.

On a professional note, I hold a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Florida State University. I spent one year working at the high school level and six at the elementary level. It was natural to involve myself with our professional home schooling organizations: Florida Parent Educators Association, Home School Legal Defense Association, Home Education Foundation plus liaison with Polk County Schools. I have assisted and coordinated the FPEA Graduation Ceremony,served as one of the first organizers of the yearly Leader’s Forum and have been priviledged to speak at the 2007 Convention. My college background influenced me to encourage parents to be professional as educators regardless of the amount of formal training they may have experienced.

Along with hosting homeschool seminars and scheduling private consultations, I also compile and create transcripts for graduating seniors. In addition I volunteer as a part time guidance counselor for Cambridge Study Center in Lakeland.

I look forward to meeting new faces and encouraging you to be a pioneer in this journey of discovering the uniqueness of your children. Perhaps I’ll see you at one of the workshops or assist you by way of a consultation.

Weight of Glory!
Barb Mesh
April,  2010

For more information about Learning at Home, email Barb Mesh at
2030 Capps Road • Lake Wales, FL 33853 • 863-676-7577