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Why Join a Support Group?

I can't imagine successfully making the homeschool journey without the support and encourgement I received from the three groups in which I've been privileged to participate. In south Florida during the early and mid 1980's, it was my good fortune to be mentored by members of Boca Homeschoolers and Broward County Parent Support Group. Upon moving to central Florida and finding no support group in little Lake Wales, I ventured out with the few families I eventually discovered and we started Homeschoolers On The Ridge.

I firmly believe you need to surround yourself with others of like mind to be encouraged and in return to be an encourager. In addition to receiving support in the academic arena, I developed and hold in high regard the friendships that were formed. They will last a lifetime. As you invest in the lives of others while embracing the homeschool lifestyle, you too will find kindred spirits.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Good Support Group!

It's important to find a good match for your family. Not all support groups are the same nor are they able to offer all things to all people. The following are many of the options you need to consider before joining a group:

  • size
  • organizational format
  • leadership style
  • stated goals and objectives
  • doctrinal statement
  • benefits to you and your responsibilities in return
  • educational and recreational opportunities for your children
  • special events and activities
  • communication among the members (newsletter, e-loops, telephone tree, web site)
  • frequency of parent meetings and options for on going parent education
  • opportunities for curriculum sharing/exchanging/selling
  • lending library
  • annual testing and evaluation services
  • membership fees

Below are five sections with links for defining, finding and joining support groups in Florida, the United States and Internationally. I trust the information on the Homeschoolers on the Ridge link will serve as a guide for the types of benefits you can expect to receive and the opportunities for you to give back to the group you choose to join.

Weight of Glory!

What is a Support Group?

What's a Support Group, anyway?

How Can a Support Group Help Me?

Do I Really Need a Support Group?

How to Choose a Homeschool Support Group

Getting the Support You Need Without a Formal Support Group

Starting Your Own Group

How to Join Homeschoolers on the Ridge

HSOTR Application

HSOTR Information Sheet

How to Find Other Support Groups in Polk County, FL

Polk County Support Groups

How to Find Support Groups Throughout Florida

Florida Support Group Link

How to Find Support Groups Across the U.S. and Around the World

U.S. Support Groups

Around the World

Religious and Cultural Homeschool Links





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