Consultation Questionnaire

Please think about the answers to the following questions and jot down your thoughts before our appointment so we can make the best use of your time and money.

What do you expect to gain from our time together?
Look at the workshop topics on page two and decide what you really want to discuss from the lists.  Highlight topics that are most important to you.  We'll tailor the discussion to your needs.  In addition, include specific questions you may have.  

What are you child's educational goals?
Do they include college?

What are your beliefs about education?
Are you more traditional in your approach, do you think out of the box or a combination of styles? 

What curricula are you considering?
To help you with the above two questions go to the following web site and read the Free On-line Brochure "Choosing Curriculum That's Right For You"

What is your plan thus far for next year in each of the following subject areas?
Make a separate sheet of paper for each subject area.  Write down the things you are considering to accomplish your goals in each area so we will not be starting from scratch.   

Include private classes, lessons or training, dual enrollment at the community college, on-line learning, part time participation at a public school, volunteering/apprenticing, cooperative teaching with other families as well as curriculum.

What is your child's preferred style of learning?
Visual--reading Auditory--listening and discussing Hands on --projects

Have your child list his/her interests and answer the question:
If I could study (do) anything I wanted in depth it would be? ..........



Select the topics most important to you from the lists below and rank order your choices.

Orientation to Homeschooling

The Essentials
Legal Issues
Educational Approaches
Local Support
Keeping Informed/Staying Prepared

Planning for Success
Your Beliefs About Education
Learning Styles/Teaching Styles
Goal Setting/Consistency
Am I Doing Enough? 
Dad's Unique Role

Getting It All Organized
Record Keeping Styles/Choices
A Typical Home School Day
Setting a Schedule Tailored to Your Family
Keeping up with the Housework
 .How Do We Get It All Done?

Getting Ready for High School and Beyond

Getting Ready
Schooling Options/Curriculum Choices
On-line Classes
Part Time Enrollment-Public Schools
Graduation Requirements/ Credits
Record Keeping
Postgraduate Goals
Social Life - Transitions
Graduation Ceremonies/Celebrations
College Credit
Dual Enrollment
CLEP Testing
Advanced Placement

College Bound
Transcripts and Portfolios
Required Tests
Finding a Match
Making Applications/Writing Essays
Campus Visits
Scholarships/Awards/Financial Aid