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Continuing the Journey!

Once you have chosen home schooling as your educational preference, researching by topic instead of by organization may fit your learning style more comfortably and efficiently. The following links are provided to assist you in gathering specific information.

Legal Issues
How to Legally Homeschool in Florida
Complying with the Florida Home Education Laws
Florida Laws & Codes
Florida Home Education Program
Home School Legal Defense Association - Laws by State

Home School Legal Defense Association
National Home Education Research Institute

Getting Started
Eclectic Homeschool Online
The Moore Foundation
Frequently Asked Questions
Typical Questions about Home Schooling

Choosing Curriculum
Curriculum Options, Approaches & Resources (pages 16 and 17) Comparison of Approaches
Home School Central Mall
Houghton Mifflin Great Source Education K-12 Supplemental Publisher
Write Source 2000

Unit Studies
Bendt Ministries
Five In A Row

Learning Styles
Why Learning Styles are Important
Frequently Asked Questions
Learning Styles Potpourri

Record Keeping
The Homeschool Mom Planner (free)
Homeschool / Household Planners (free)
Homeschool Tracker (Basic - free, Advanced - for purchase)
Homeschool Easy Records (for purchase)

Getting It All Organized
Organize Your Home
cut the clutter spring cleaning get ready for back to school once a month cooking home management PDA in the kitchen power tools for organizing time and money tips household notebook planning for Christmas scrapbook madness sewing and crafts book reviews

Managers of Their Homes (MOTH)

High School And Beyond
Home School Central High School Information
Home School Teens & College
Debra Bell Home School Resource Center

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