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Encouraging Words


Thank you so much for your e-mail answer to my transcript question. It was very thorough and enlightening. I will certainly pass along this info to others in our class. You are always so helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciate all of your help through the years.

Tammye, Vero Beach E-mail Consultation


"Barb, that was an awesome Home schooling High school and Beyond workshop today! Thanks."

Janet, Winter Haven High School Workshop


I really benefited from your wisdom and experience today.  You were so helpful. I feel like I can do this! Thank you for the incredible notebook full of resources and your personal stories that helped to illustrate key points. The breakfast snacks were a nice touch too.

You have a beautiful spirit-- obviously the Spirit of our God. I love your passion for this topic and that you love helping us in this season.

Thanks for coming all the way over here and blessing us all. My mind won't stop processing much of what I learned today...but I know I'll sleep well.

Debby, Vero Beach High School Workshop


Just wanted to thank you for the workshop today.  While we covered a good bit of material; it was quite helpful.

Thanks for giving so much encouragement.  If there is one thing we've learned since taking responsibility for our grandsons' welfare, it is that those we would most like to support us are the very ones who generally think we've lost our minds and offer nothing but discouragement.

Instead of looking to family and friends, we walk and talk with the Lord knowing that He has guided our every footstep and He will continue to do so.

In His Service,
Vero Beach High School Workshop


Thank you for all the hard work you spent creating the middle school workshop tailored to our needs.  It was invaluable to me.  I, as most homeschool parents, want to do the very best I can for my children's upbringing and education.  To get the knowledge from someone as experienced and wise as you, is a treasure.

I especially appreciated the time you spent giving me more detail and understanding on the subject of the portfolios and transcripts.  I did grasp the differences by the time you completed your explanations. 
Thank you!
Patty Lakeland, FL


Thank so much for such a nice day. Being around the other middle school moms was very nice, hearing their stories and theirs ideas.  I will come back often to the very informative Resource Book that you prepared for us.  There are so many things in the book, actual resources, information, statistics, and ENCOURAGEMENT. When we go back, which we will, to look things up, because we won't remember every book, every website, we will see the articles and poems. The moms that you come across need these things.  You never know when you may need that Bible verse.

Thanks again,
Tiffany Lakeland, FL


Just wanted to let you know that our daughter was accepted into Southeastern University. Thank you again for all your excellent work on her transcript.
Denise, Thonotosassa, FL


You do not know how invaluable your service is to me and others that homeschool.  You are truly a Godsend!

All the best,
Marnie, Tampa, FL


I found your workshop on high school today at Vero Beach very worthwhile. Thank you!

Lori, Florida Coastal Fair

I attended your workshop last Saturday at the curriculum fair in Vero Beach. I have the son who loves to fish. Ring any bells? We talked about how to turn that love of fishing into high school credits, and also how to get away from textbooks! I have to tell your how much your workshop meant to me. You gave me hope. I thought my home schooling years with my son were over. Your workshop opened up my heart to the future and what joy we can have together as a family again. I was telling one of the curriculum fair coordinators that I didn't have a clue what to do about High School and she directed me to your workshop. Totally meant to be. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me! I'm excited about schooling again and the kids can see this. 

Thank you!
Kelly, Florida Coastal Fair

Truly, you and the seminar were a God send to me at this point in my son's education. It was inspiring and gave us all a bright new hope for helping him accomplish his goal of becoming a Deputy or some position in law enforcement.

Thank you!
Elizabeth, Brooksville, FL


“ I actually took this class last year from Barb and thought it was great! She really gives a nice, broad introduction to homeschooling, where to find other home educators, and how to get started.”
Donna, Lake Wales


Thank you so much for leading the workshop on Saturday. It was fabulous! You did a wonderful and thorough job going through so much material. All of the material was relevant to our family and will be a precious resource to us in the future. I will continue to recommend you to all in our Hope family whenever I can. If there is anything else I might do for you and your ministry/business please let me know.
With much gratitude and admiration,
Nicole, Lakeland


Just letting you know that my children really enjoyed the teen workshop.  I think the information you sent with them was also very helpful.

Isoan, Winter Haven


The workshop was really wonderful....I feel like my brain is
overflowing with oodles of ideas and information  that will make the next
four years a pleasure!!! I am truly looking forward to it!!

Cindy, Plant City


I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did at the workshop!!!!!  Personally, I feel relieved to be pointed in the right direction and feel confident to step forward next year to begin homeschooling through highschool with my oldest daughter.  Before, I was grabbing at the air, not understanding how much or what to focus on, also I wasn't sure on how to account for it in a credible way.  I now realize, my daughter will have plenty of credits.  You are such an excellent example of what homeschooling is all about.  You also brought back to mind the real reason of why we home school to begin learn how to learn and to equip for life.  If we focus on this, our curriculum will take this shape.  I would like a refresher course in a couple of years to make sure we stay on track and hope to host another workshop.
Diane, Plant City


I stayed up late last night preparing for the end of the year evaluation. It went well. I was so nervous and she was really nice!  The kids did a karate demo and we brought little lego creations plus I typed a letter to summarize the year.   I would have had trouble without your assistance. You helped alot.

Thanks so Much 
Donya, Davenport

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful information you gave us at the seminar. I came overwhelmed and now I am excited and can't wait to get it all going. I did think of two questions that I hope are easily answered. However, if they are not I am more that willing to arrange a private phone or e-mail consultation.

First question: "Proof of Progress". How do I let the evaluators know she has progressed when as of yet she can't write?

Second question: On the projects. I am sure there are a number of ways to do things but I was wondering what you did or what you would recommend as far as how many projects and when.


Thanks so much for taking the time to put your answers to my questions in writing. I got Cathy Duffy's book "100 Top Picks" and spent hours reading it and was so excited about getting started that I can't seem to get going quick enough. However, thanks to your seminar, my husband and I are already using our own ideas for teaching our daughter until we get the other things we would like to use.

Once again thank you so much for your time and commitment to home schooling and may God continue to bless you.

Caulene, Poinciana, FL

My husband and I enjoyed your seminar so much. I truly feel it was God's timing. Saturday's information and your encouragement gave me a new focus.

Every junior high homeschool family should come to your seminar. I know I am having such a different week. My burden is just lighter. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate the time you took with our personal questions.

In Him with you,
Debbie, Valrico, FL

Thank you for spending time with me on the phone. It was so helpful. I had actually read some of the books you had recommended and knew alot of what you were saying was true, but VERY MUCH needed reminding! Brian and I were doing a really fun kindergarten program that he loved, but then as we got busy with the move, I got more into getting it done than making it fun. It got to be something we had to do and neither of us were enjoying it! I was frustrated, impatient and skipped over most of the fun activities, making it unexciting for Brian. Then after we moved I was feeling guilt and pressure from others because we were taking time off.

After I talked to you I realized that he is only 5 and we have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves! We went to Sea World a few weeks ago and Brian's new obsession is sharks and dolphins. We have been reading books, drawing pictures and learning about them. It has been so fun. And when we start the program up again, I think I will have a fresh perspective. Isn't it funny how easily you can forget what is important! Thanks again for reminding me, and freeing me of my guilt! Can't wait for the workshop.

Shannon, Davenport, FL

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into the workshop yesterday. All of the feedback I received was wonderful. Everyone was encouraged, excited and very impressed! I'm so glad you came to Pinellas. I'm on fire about homeschooling and have the confidence that I can do all things through Christ, EVEN homeschool through high school! And that is thanks to you.

I was looking through Transcript and Portfolio booklet and it's really going to help me. I will just tweak it to fit our family and activites, but it's a good framework for someone who has NO idea what she's doing.

Tracie, Largo, FL

I wanted to thank you for taking the time this afternoon to talk to us at Heritage Bible Church. Emily is just starting 9th grade and I learned a lot more than I had bargained for. I would definitely attend this again in a couple years just to refresh myself and to get more ideas and to see what has changed.

You were so kind to take the time to talk to Emily and I. Thank you for all your ideas and insight. I’m so looking forward to this year! You only fueled the fire!

Mary, Largo, FL

We wanted to thank you for the time your obviously put into this workshop. We gleaned some much needed information and left with lots to process. Your input was refreshing and encouraging.

With many thanks,
John and Jackie, Winter Haven, Fl 

I got your message yesterday and we have been so busy learning out of the box that this is the first time I've had a chance to respond. Patty and I both had a wonderful time. It was very reassuring.

She called me today and said that she was taking the girls to have lunch with her grandmother and that they were going to get to write about their great grand mom. Tonight I'm taking my 6 year old twin girls to see the ballet of Romeo and Juliet. We acted it out this afternoon with paper dolls, so that they would understand what the story was about. Jennifer's summary of the whole thing was "they kiss, they fight, they die."

My son has begun to pick out an article each day, one on international events and one on the presidential election. First thing this morning he came in and wanted to know where his paper was. Needless to say his mother was ecstatic. Guess I'm telling you all this to say that Saturday was wonderful and has made our homeschooling so much more exciting. And it's only Tuesday. We're looking forward to the May 1st workshop.

Thanks so much,
Lori, Lakeland, Fl

The private consultation was very informative and encouraging. The information we obtained was invaluable in helping us make critical decisions for our daughter's continuing education. You had a marvelous way of putting our fears to rest.

Mark, Lakeland, FL

The best part about the private consultation was that my husband and I were able to learn together what our options are and make informed decisions for our daughter's high school career.

In the past I've tried to relay the information to him in a concise manner but found that left a little to be desired. The private consultation was a far better scenario and much more profitable as far as our time, money, and information gleaned. The fact that it was done in our home, around his schedule, was a huge bonus. My husband is now much more relaxed about homeschooling through high school and we're on the same page. This was time well spent! Thank you!

Carol, Lakeland, FL

Thanks for everything last night! I personally received lots of information I can apply immediately. Even this morning, Stephen and I talked about several ideas you presented. We are definitely going to schedule the teen workshop.

Thanks again,
Susan, Lakeland, Fl

Thanks so much for coming to speak to us on Saturday. So many of the moms have let me know how much they appreciated the opportunity. Others have called to say, "I missed it- oh no!" I, personally, am very thankful that you have given me some tools to start working with. If you ever think of starting a personal guidance service for homeschoolers......count me in. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom.

Your sister in Christ,
Susan, Sarasota, FL

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do the workshop and especially for the take home information. I've been busy since Monday and hadn't had the time to go through it again until this evening. What alot of great info I'll be using for years to come. Thanks so much again!

May God Bless YOU Abundantly This Day
Sandy, Frostproof, Fl

Thank you for spending soooo much time on the phone with me today answering some of my many questions! You are so patient.
God bless you!