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Need Some Individualized Help?

Phone and private consultations are available.

The time spent together would be focused specifically on the needs of your family. 

A Resource Packet with pertinent information, suggested resources and appropriate web sites is included in the longer four and six hour consultations.

Prior to your appointment time, it is necessary for you to fill out the consultation questionnaire. This will enable us to make the best use of our time and afford you the greater benefit.

The topics below can serve as a spring board for discussion, brainstorming and goal setting.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and

Phone Consultation

Sometimes you just need to talk with someone about concerns, road blocks and hurdles in your home school journey. Finding answers and information can be frustrating and difficult even though you’ve contacted support group members and searched the Internet.

Brainstorming with an experienced home school veteran who has "been there, done that", would be beneficial.

Consider a phone consult. Chose a block of time that you think will fit your needs.
Consultation Options

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In Person -in my home  
Phone and E-mail Consultation
(Resource Packet Included)

The time spent together will be based specifically on the needs of your family.

From the questionnaire, you'll select the topics of most concern and rank order them for disucssion at your pace.

You will have the flexibility of using the time as needed; all  the hours in one day or spread them out over a longer period of time. I don’t have a limited window of opportunity policy.
Consultation Options

I found Barb's site via HEF's site

Creating a Transcript :
Includes 4 hours of consultation and a copy of the ebook
How to Create a Homeschool Transcript  ~ Your Way ~
This process requires a cooperative effort with the home school family and me using primarily e-mail and phone communication plus face to face sessions if needed.

This document may be used by the student for college and scholarship applications as well as to accompany a resume for job applications.

Note: If more time is required due to the uniqueness of the student's home school program and the assistance needed by the parent to supply me with information, an additional charge of $30 per hour is assessed.

Transcript Package

I found Barb's site via HEF's site:

Full Day Workshops

Home Education and Preschoolers: Creating a Love for Learning
An Orientation To Homeschooling ~ Getting Started
Home Education with Middle Schoolers
Getting Ready For High School and Beyond
Middle School/High School  Medley
See scheduled workshops

Topics that may serve as a spring board for discussion, brainstorming and goal setting:

Orientation to Homeschooling
Getting Started!
The Essentials:
  • Legal Issues
  • Educational Approaches
  • Curriculum Choices
  • Socialization
  • Local Support
Planning for Success:
  • Your Beliefs About Education
  • Learning Styles/Teaching Styles
  • Goal Setting/Consistency
  • Am I Doing Enough?
  • Dad's Unique Role
  • Keeping Informed/Staying Prepared

Getting it all Organized
  • Record Keeping Styles/Choices
  • A Typical Home School Day
  • Setting a Schedule Tailored to Your Family
  • Keeping Up With The Housework
  • How Do We Get It All Done?

Getting Ready for High School and Beyond
Options and Opportunities for the Home Schooling Family
Getting Ready
  • Graduation Requirements/Credits
  • Schooling Options/Curriculum Choices
  • On Line Classes
  • Part Time Enrollment - Public Schools
  • Vocational Training
  • Volunteering
  • Apprenticeship
  • Record Keeping/Establishing a Credit
  • Social Life - Transitions - Driver's License
  • Graduation Ceremonies/Celebrations
College Bound
  • College Credit
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Clep Testing
  • Advanced Placement
  • Required Tests
  • Transcripts and Portfolios
  • Finding a Match
  • Making Application/Writing an Essay
  • Scholarships/Awards/Financial Aid
  • Campus Visits

Project Style Learning
as an Educational Approach
Foster Life Long Learning!
  • Your Beliefs about Education
  • Learning Styles/Teaching Styles
  • Project Style Learning as an Educational Approach
  • How to integrate and use project learning as curriculum and how to measure progress
  • Show and Tell -- Specific samples of what children have created/accomplished
    Project books, photography, educational board displays, public speaking posters
    Contests won and scholarships earned, leadership potential, service to the community
  • Ingredients of successful cooperative learning
  • How to establish/structure co-ops and clubs: several options presented
  • What is scouting? Project learning through Merit Badges
  • What is 4-H? Opportunities from the club level to a national level

To make an appointment, contact Barb Mesh at
2030 Capps Road • Lake Wales, FL 33853 • 863-676-7577